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Peter’s first read through.


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Doctor, what would you do now?

                                 No, what will I do now.

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Title: Shut Up and Dance

Artist: Walk The Moon

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Hi there! I was just wondering where you got your Lizzie Bennet icons for your mun fc?

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We were basically living parallel lives that should’ve crossed once or twice before.

We’re gonna play a new game called Top 10 TV shows because there’s one for films, so I’d like to do one for TV shows. Write down your top shows and then tag 10 friends to do the same. Yay!

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In no particular order. 

  • doctor who. laughs w salad. do it for clara.
  • how to get away with murder  ( !!! AMAZE SHOW !!! )
  • gotham
  • marvel’s agents of shield
  • supernatural (s1-7)
  • pushing daisies
  • hannibal
  • sabrina the teenage witch
  • american dragon: jake long
  • that’s so raven

I’m tagging: idk i’m too lazy. anyone who wants to do it. go crazy. i ran out of shows from the top of my head tbh.

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ten underused character questions.


name: clara oswald.
age: 27-8, canonically. 
your favorite picture of your muse’s fc:



what would be their twitter name? what sorts of tweets would they tweet? just @claraoswald really. or go the jenna coleman route of @clara_oswald_. maybe have something about oswin in there. maybe have an 87 in there. & it would be private as she might possibly tweet about her students sometimes. photographs of her with friends. photographs of scenery like where she & danny might be that day (oh but never snapshots of her with danny; people talk enough as it is). she wouldn’t tweet too much. she isn’t quite keen on the internet, really.

what’s their favourite genre of movies? of music? adventure type movies. the ones that leave you absolutely breathless by the end because you’re gripping the edge of your seat because you keep wanting to know what happens next. she enjoys the odd thriller / horror though she pretends she’s not easy to scare. given her time with the doctor (if this is my canonical clara you’re talking about), she actually isn’t that easy to scare anymore. she loves a good plot twist that’s well executed, one that just throws the rug from under you and makes an audience go “OOOOOOOOH.” superhero movies are also quite a favourite. the movies that make you think, basically. romance movies aren’t exactly her thing but she does enjoy the odd romantic movie every so often, yeah. especially if they’re well-executed and well-written. music? she enjoys a fair bit of jazz and rock on a more everyday basis. 

what’s on their top queue on Netflix? breaking bad. she’s not as caught up as she’d like to be but it’s there.

what’s their favourite scent? do they smell like that? autumnal scents, really. the smell of an autumn breeze, that delicate scent of trees with changing leaves. pumpkin spice & gingerbread lattes. she’s also a sucker for the smell of freshly baked bread. not the store bought stuff but fresh out of the over, warm in your fingers, steams when you slice into it kind of bread. there’s also the smell of freshly brewed tea or coffee. she’d prefer tea but the smell of coffee is almost as comforting. the smell of pastries and autumn are quite good ones.

apple or android? canonically, i’ve got no idea what her phone is. i know it’s not an iphone, considering that’s the one phone i’ve had since i was a junior in high school. i know nothing else but i’m pretty sure it’s a kind of samsung. i’m not familiar with anything that isn’t an iphone though as i’ve long since forgotten anything else.

favourite Season? least favourite season? AUTUMN AND WINTER. because coats and boots and jumpers. she does like to layer a lot. but she does like spring as that’s when the skirts and shorts are out without the tights. not too big a fan of the heat, though.

are they a bottom or top or versatile? pretty versatile. depends on the mood. sometimes both on the same night, really, if she (and her partner) can last that long.

describe their morning routine. Do they wake up early or sleep in? do they press the snooze button a bunch of times or do they immediately get up? wake up pretty early as she’s got quite a fair bit to do before she’s ready to clock out of her flat and start her day. there’s making her own breakfast, cleaning up (vacuuming and dusting happens rather frequently and though her flat is a bit messy, it’s an organized mess), then showering. she catches up on the morning paper and news while eating her breakfast. she’d brush her teeth and then put on her makeup. her outfit of the day and things for the day would be usually pre-prepared the night before as she doesn’t like to be stressed out in the morning. 

if they were to be compared to a canon character, who would that be? (spirit animal.) she’s already a canon character tbh but she can be compared with sarah jane smith or martha jones. i’m not as familiar with classic who as i’d like to be but sarah jane & clara’d be buds. so would martha & clara, really. i’d wager they’d all be buds. B)

tag five people so they can get to know their muse too:
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           “Funny. Very funny.”

    He swats lightly at her shoulder, which is probably just about as
    playful as he’s gonna get. He likes hearing her laugh — or more
    to the point, he likes being the cause of her laughter. It inspires
    a good feeling, after a length of time where he’d thought that he
    might not hear it from her again. He still only half-understands
    why she had been so furiously mad at him, but the Doctor had
    believed, quite strongly, that it had been the end. It was in his
    character to consistently mess things up, after all.

                                         “I’ll pretend ye didn’t say that.”

                                               ❝    You can pretend all you like.    

                                     The tone she adopts is one of her usual cheer.
                In fact, more so than that for  the lift in her lilt  at the end of
                that sentence is one that signals more teasing.     Arms that
                she now keeps to herself are crossed, though her knuckles
                do brush against the cloth of her jumper’s sleeve.   Her grin
                up at him is one that cannot be  restrained  and it is not one
                that bears any trace of previous sadness.

                                  The thrill is too strong and, naïvely, she believes
                that things can only get better now.  All right, as she knows
                they’ll always be in the end. Eventually. Probably. Hopefully.

                 ❝    Won’t make any less true. Which it is. True, I mean.    

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Oh, yeah! I do! 


             ” Left over from a trip with someone
                dear to me. She’d like us to use them
                at some point, I’d like to think. Along with
                that—A Euro or seven, from when I went to
                Rome with another dear friend. Did you know,
                she could bandage someone’s cut with a gelato
                cup in one hand, and some gauze in the other?
                Well, t’ be fair, that time, I had managed to get
                nicked by some angry vines. Still—both were
                brilliant, they were. Just like you. “

                       ❝    Oh, yeah ?    

                                Brows properly raise at that and her smirk speaks
             volumes in and of itself.    Everything about the way she looks
             at him says: ‘Oh, really?' And yet, his story inspires a childlike
             curiosity. There is   so much of him   that she does not know;
             there is infinitely more to this   probably impossible  man than
             she would or could ever know   and his stories of past friends
             intrigue her.    His eyes, though bright, are weighed with life’s
             burden.      A life lived too long only came with loss and there
             are some people who have lived too long at only sixteen.

                                    He’s spoken of his past companions before —
             the ones he’s lost.      Not much and not too often but he has
             mentioned them.       If she were just another notch in the list,
             she does not hold it against him.       A man his age with a life
             such a this? She can only imagine that he would loathe to be
             alone. And people tend to  leave,  as people are often known
             to do, and that could be a bit     difficult    for a man who runs
             away for a living.  Her hands join and fingers tap against each
             other. Clara shrugs her shoulders and   stands  just that much

                                      ❝    I wouldn’t say no to a bit of gelato, yeah.
                                Shopping too. Could use a new coat, even.    

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