❝ i'll leave that to you. ❞

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The Day Of The Doctor + faceless



        ❝ In general. I find
                  them fascinating. ❞

       ❝ You telling me you’ve never seen a bird before ? 

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       ❝ Yeah, that one. ❞ 

                It’s a difficult thing to watch, truly, as the woman before him isn’t
                entirely the same as she once had been. Of course, Steve had
                had to deal with the same thing and pick up the pieces of him
                when Clara wasn’t there for him. The least he can do is try and
                be there for her when she needs it.

                What pains him most of all is that this is the simplest of ways to
                reintroduce baking into her life — he vaguely recalls that being one
                of her most frequent hobbies — and it’s not going that smoothly.
                By no fault of hers, of course.

                He smiles a bit when she fixes her own problem, even though it
                had taken a bit of prodding. No doubt his teasing hadn’t helped
                much either. Too soon for that, it seems.

                                   ❝ Perfectly. Now you just have to wait a minute ‘til
                                                      the timer goes down. It’ll beep and then
                                                                          you can take it out and eat it. 

                                            ❝ Okay. 

                            It’s often like that now. Either nerves will make her
               speak  too  swiftly  or  barely at all. A hand rises and she takes
               to biting her fingernails as she stares  at the spinning porcelain
               in the contraption she’s  been  taught and  told is a microwave.
               Vaguely familiar, ever still, and yet not quite at all.

                    This certainly isn’t her kitchen, that’s for sure. Fingers fret
               and  fumble  while  waiting,  her breath  is consciously slow and
               controlled. Her posture is  stiff and she stands frozen where she
               is. At  the  beep — just  like he said — she jumps ever so slightly
               and turns to him.

                                        ❝ —— Is it done ? 



     ❝ Oh! I will definitely remember
        that for the future. 

                    And neither do I, I’m not a birdwatcher.
                    They’re just new to me, that’s all. 

       ❝ D’you mean the one you just saw is new to you or just in general ? 

New ‘Robot of Sherwood’ Promo



       ❝ Jetlagged ?That’s not a term
           I’m familiar with.

                          And it was… it had white, black and grey
                          feathers, but its body was more of a
                          reddish-brown. Yellow beak. It was
                          beautiful, really. 

       ❝ It means I’ve just come back
          from traveling. Time’s sort of
          lost its meaning for a bit.

                                                               I don’t quite know a lot of birds, me.
                                                               You  some sort of birdwatcher  type
                                                               then, yeah ? 



       ❝ No, you definitely didn’t break it. Here,
           come on, just press this button instead. 

       ❝ This one —— ? 

                            Tentative.  Almost  shy,  even.
                            My, oh my. Oh, Clara Oswald
                            — what has happened to you ?

              She pushes the button; the mug inside starts spinning.

                                                                       ❝ —— Did I do it right ? 


Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald in Robot of Sherwood (x)



                 ’ you sure you want to join in? i mean, we’re doing it right under umbridge’s nose, she might throw quite a fit the moment she finds out. if she finds out. really, it’s got to be your own choice. ’        the gryffindor speaks from above the list, the pencil frozen on the first letter of her name.

             ❝ 'Course I am. Would I be here if I wasn’t ?
    And isn’t that sort of the point ? That’s Clara with a C,
    by the way. I could do it, if you like.