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ooc. i’m tired & emotionally drained from all the plotting with sarah. like yo it started out really sickeningly cute and now we’re both very emotionally compromised. anyway, i promise to work on starters + drafts tomorrow! <3

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        exactly one year ago today, i made the frankly quite ridiculous decision to start up a
        blog for a captain james tiberius kirk. you may possibly have heard of him. this i
        did for reasons that i really can’t quite remember right now, but that i’m sure were
        very important and could probably lead to the dissolution of wars and bring about
        world peace or something. 
i don’t know. but my point is, i did it, and at the time, i
        had no idea that it would take off in the way that it has. honestly, i never expected 
        people to accept me so readily into their hearts and minds, and also accept me
        as the leader of the new world order—

        wait. that’s my world domination speech. wasn’t supposed to showcase that one
        until 2016. bugger.

        but in all seriousness, i am so humbled by all of the attention and love that i’ve
        received since i started roleplaying jim back in 2013. since then, i’ve made so
        many new friends, lost a few people through faults of my own, and met someone
        who i’ve fallen so very much in love with. it’s thanks to her, and to everyone else
        who has been with me on this long - and sometimes, yes, tumultuous - ride,
        that i am the person who i am today, and i have so much love to give to all of you.
        as i previously mentioned, i am so humbled by each and every follower, so
        appreciative of each and every kind message, and floored by how long i’ve
        managed to keep this going.

        and so this is dedicated to my girl, to the people who i follow, to the people who
        follow me, to the people i’ve become friends with, to the people that i have yet
        to meet, and to the people who don’t even know who i am.

        thank you, from the bottom of my very heart and soul.

        i sincerely believe that i wouldn’t be here today without you all.

        and now, for some very special shoutouts to the people that i don’t think i could
        ever unfollow, regardless of whether they’re new or old, even if you paid me
        one million dollars. though, if you offered me a chance at world domination, then
        i might consider it. i have to get some use out of that speech some time.

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What do you think the role of the companion is in Doctor Who?



      ” Um. No — ?
            Dunno what you’re talking about, Miss Oswald.
            Nope. Do you mean like, they reflected in the
            sunlight, or something ?

       Keep it cool, Yukimura. Really — Scott has to train Liam
       to not make his beta eyes flash golden-yellow, especially
       during class hours. It’s attracting attention and that’s not
       something they need, not when there’s a deadpool out
       with their names on it and some very, very enthusiastic
       assassins intending to collect. Brown eyes regard the new
       teacher with a feigned innocence she hopes looks genuine,
       all the while hoping against all hope that it’s convincing enough.



                                    ❝ —— 
                                         ❝ —— … ❞

             Naïveté  she  might  have  carried  to  her  adulthood,  brown eyes
             are  known  for their perception. As the old saying goes: “I always
             know." That  and  the  young girl isn’t exactly that good a liar and
             inasmuch  as  Clara  Oswald  is  a  usually trusting young woman,
             she   knows   when   there   are   falsities   afoot.   She   quirks  her
             eyebrows and smirks, knowing that  this is something that young
             Miss Yukimura isn’t exactly going to get away with. 

                                  ❝ Kira … 

                                         ❝ Has anyone ever told you 
                                                 ❝ that you’re a
rubbish liar ?



        ❝ Hypothetically speakin’, would you never be
           my friend again if I told you tha’ I left your iPad
           in Peru ??

                          ❝ ——

                                                       ❝ —— 
                                              ❝ —— … ❞

                           ❝ When the hell 
                                ❝ were you in

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